(Review originally written at 27 September 2003)

As much as I like Hitchcock movies I just can't stand this movie.

I found this an awful movie and I really regret I ever saw it. The main problem is the story. It's just so long and so extremely boring. The movie is full with many way too long scene's were nothing really happens or add to the story. The movie drags on for way too long without giving any notion in which direction it's heading to. There are also several not understandable situations and sometimes it's just plain silly. For starters; the movie should have been at least 30 minutes shorter, this way it maybe still had been at least more watchable.

An also awful thing is the love story. Is there even a love story? I really don't get it, there is no spark or what so ever between Marnie (Tippi Hedren) and Mark Rutland (Sean Connery). All that Ruthland seems to try to do throughout the movie is getting Marnie into his bed.

I also don't understand some of the characters. For instance I found Lil Mainwaring (Diane Baker) not understandable and weird. I had no idea what she wanted or what her purpose was.

But "Marnie" is far from one of the worst movies of all time. It still has the typical Hitchcock touch and feeling which makes it worth watching for it's fans. Also the musical score from Bernard Herrmann is quite possible the best he ever did. There are also some scene's that I really liked such as the hunt/horse scene, mainly because of the special and sometimes unusual but fantastic cinematography. Also Connery's acting make up a lot but still can't save the movie.

I hardly have ever been so bored while watching a movie. I even found myself watching out of the window just because it was so boring, I just could not watch the movie and that's something that never had happened to me before. I think it says something about the movie.

Only watchable for the real Hitchcock fans.

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