(Review originally written at 3 October 2003)

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Not good as a Bond movie but very good as a movie on its own.

In the two Timothy Dalton Bond's the biggest difference compared to the other Bond's is the character of Bond itself. It's a more humane and realistic character. This movie has probably the most humane Bond we will ever see. This is the first and only Bond movie that's only about a personal revenge from Bond.

The movie is also more cruel and darker compared to other Bond's. Unfortunately that also means that there is not the same amount of humor that we are used to in a Bond movie. But that's not really a bad thing, just try to see this movie as an individual instead of a part of the Bond series.

There are some really great characters. As always especially the villains. Robert Davi plays one of my favorite Bond villains and a very young and at that time still unknown Benicio Del Toro plays an awesome psychopathic killer, he actually is scary. Wonderful casting! I also like the character of Q in this one, his character also seems more humane and I love the way the movie shows the special kind of friendship Bond and Q have.

The movie misses the special kind of Bond feeling but is very awesome on his own nevertheless. It has some great spectacular scene's and moments with at time some sharp dialogue.

The musical score by Michael Kamen and the theme song by Diana Warren are typical 80's but fit the movie very well.

Only one tiny thing I didn't liked was the editing. At some points it was unintentional slap-stick like such as the stereotype bar fight scene.

Still an awesome movie!

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