(Review originally written at 3 September 2003)

This movie is a rare good comedy that unfortunately not many people know.

The movie is full with crazy and awesome characters such as Milton, Bob & Bob, Brian and many more. The cast portrays the characters excellent. Especially Ron Livingston grabbed my attention, before this movie I only knew him as Capt. Nixon from the mini-series "Band of Brothers" but I now fully appreciate him as an actor, he was the perfect leading man. The character of the mumbling Milton is the funniest even though his role seems in the beginning totally superfluous, his character plays an important part in the ending. However the character of Bill Lumbergh is the best, he's excellent portrayed by Gary Cole, he plays a stereotype office boss.

There is a nice comical story with some great moments and some nice dialog. Especially all the Milton scene's are priceless. But was that whole Jennifer Aniston thing really needed? No, It could have done without the love story in my opinion. There was no point in having one.

The movie starts of a bit lame but keep watching, you won't be disappointed.

Very recommendable, especially if you work at a big office yourself.


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