(Review originally written at 5 September 2003)

A flat comedy with flat characters and a flat story line but still very funny. In other words; an uneven movie.

The most disappointing thing about the movie is the flatness of it. The characters and story are just way too uninteresting and shallow. Also, the movie is way to short. The villain played by John Malkovich is highly underused and is given way too little screen time, which is a real shame because he could have made the movie at least a bit more interesting to watch.

Still for a strange reason the movie is funny and entertaining, some of the scene's such as in the hospital are just hilarious. The action is also very good, not comedy good but action movie like good. Really spectacular.

Rowan Atkinson was fantastic. He really made me forget he was the guy that played Mr. Bean and Blackadder. He showed in this movie that he actually is a pretty good actor.

Ed Shearmur delivers a great David Arnold like James Bond score which adds well to the movies feeling and atmosphere.

I still hope for a sequel, I feel that Johnny English deserves a second change.

Uneven movie with some nice moments that makes the movie worth watching but not a must see.


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