(Review originally written at 3 September 2003)

This is one of the very few movies that actually made me laugh out loud.

Please don't expect a story with characters and plot lines just because the title is "Jackass: The Movie", it's is nothing more then an extended "Jackass" episode with more dangerous and crazy daring stunts and silly situations. But what great fun it is!

Maybe the best thing about the movie is that you can really see that the guys had lot's of fun making it. I always enjoy movies in which you can see that they had lot's of fun while making it. Of course I don't like every bit of the movie. For instance I don't like the scene's in which they hurt them selves on purpose by cutting them selves with paper or when they let an baby alligator bite them, but that is just a matter of taste. Luckily the other parts of the movie makes this up, it is absolutely hilarious! Especially the scene's in Japan are crazy as well as hilarious. However it's not a movie that you watch over and over again, after 2 or 3 times you already have seen it all.

All in all I can highly recommend this movie to everyone who likes the crazy "Jackass" humor, if you don't like the show then simply don't watch this movie because changes are you will probably hate this movie as well.

If you liked the show, you will love the movie.


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