(Review originally written at 27 September 2003)

I was surprised by the overwhelming amounts of positive comments and reactions, not only on this site but by the public in general.

Yes I admit that "Witness" is the best movie about Amish people ever made (I am not counting "Kingpin). But does that automatically mean that it's one of the best movies of all time? I don't think so.

In my opinion the movie suffers from some serious pacing problems. I don't always like the point of view the story is told from and the order it's told in.

But the movie also has good some good things in it. Actually lot's of them! For one I really have to say that this is possibly Harrison Ford's best role till date and Lukas Haas was a great child actor at the time. Way better then most of the kids these days. Also the little soundtrack from Maurice Jarre is very good. I also like the portrayal of the Amish people, actually watching this movie is a great lesson about the Amish. One more thing I liked were the characters.

The story however is not always interesting and seems to take forever even though the movie has a good finale without falling into any cliche moments.

Better as an Amish documentary then as a movie.


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