(Review originally written at 7 July 2003)

The movie provides nothing new or things we haven't seen before in other submarine movie as "Das Boot", "Crimson Tide" and "The Hunt for Red October".

A shame really, I expected more from a movie that starred both Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford. These 2 actors are about the only interesting thing about the movie even though sometimes their Russian accent is sometimes just horrible and irritating, especially Harrison Ford's. All the other characters are just nowhere interesting and they're mostly sailors of which you forget the name after 5 minutes. The movie tries to give the characters an extra dimension by adding a scene where they say goodbye to their wives and girlfriends but the scene is only out of place and just doesn't feel right.

Somehow it also manages to make the movie a typical American Hollywood patriotic movie. Only difference's is that it's Russian patriotism that just feels the same and is done exactly the same way as the Hollywood American patriotism.

A surprising thing is that the use of sound is highly under used which is one of the most important things about a submarine movie! Also the special effects are just plain bad, was ILM in an hurry or something?

But no, the movie is not terrible. It still has a nice story and some nice scene's and acting and the music also makes this movie worth seeing. It just adds nothing new and compared to other submarine movies it's just bad...

So watch another submarine movie instead.


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