(Review originally written at 1 July 2003)

The movie serves it's purpose very well and that purpose is to entertain the young ones.

Oh boy, did I loved this movie as a kid and so did all my friends. However now that I'm older I of course look differently at the movie and I've also more critic at it.

It's a fantastic fantasy movie that suffers from a silly story and bad looking sets. It's so obviously filmed in a studio, that it truly reminded me of an old B-movie from the 50's. And sure, the story is original and fun but it also has some silly and just plain weird plot lines in it, that don't suit the movie because they distract too much from the main plot line and will probably bore the kids as well.

The performances are excellent. Robin Williams actually plays one of the best roles out of his career! Dustin Hoffman is highly amusing as Captain Hook and the lost boys are just awesome! The movie has some excellent jokes and funny moments in it, which all makes the movie more than pleasant to watch. The action is Spielberg-like-good and the cinematography and music are more than excellent. The ending is somewhat disappointing because...well, it just looks weird and too fake, like it was rushed (which it probably also was).

However I don't think it's really fair from us grown ups to judge over this movie since it was obviously made for kids. So let the young ones judge this movie. I'm sure they'll enjoy it and are capable of looking past the fake looking sets and other weaker points of the movie. They most likely won't be disappointed and shall enjoy watching it from start till finish, unlike probably most of the fair and objective adults.

Nevertheless, I still consider this to be the ultimate kids movie!


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