(Review originally written at 5 September 2003)

Yet another example of bad German television/cinema.
The characters are actually pretty good it's just the ridiculous story that makes this TV movie really bad. It's just too silly for words and some of the plot lines and events are simply laughable.

Anica Dobra is a horrible, horrible actress. Sometimes she's very annoying and irritating and she runs and moves like she is Catwoman with as a result some laughable scene's that were not intended to be funny. On the other hand, Hannes Jaenicke, Michael Trischan and André Hennicke give some nice performances.

Still there are some nice scene's that save the movie from being a complete disaster. And believe it or not there are actually some funny moments and dialog. Also there are some nice action scene's. For some reason Germans are very good at making action sequences, all they need now are some good script writers.

There are some good German series/movies from the many many series and movies they create, but this is most definitely not one of them.


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