(Review originally written at 30 August 2003)

The movie is just beyond silly but still strangely entertaining.

"Vertical Limit" has several problems, the cast and story are just a few of them. The movie has some of the worst casting since years, everybody seems to be totally miscast with the exception of Bill Paxton, Robert Taylor, Temuera Morrison and a few other minor roles. Chris O'Donnell is an horrible choice as leading man and all that Izabella Scorupco does is scream and look pretty. But maybe the biggest problem is the beyond silly story. The main story line is not that bad but the movie is full with dumb and completely unnecessary sub plots. And of course the movie is completely technical inaccurate but that doesn't really matter, at least that is what makes the movie entertaining to watch.

Visually the movie also isn't perfect. Sure it has some nice scenery but the special effects are pretty disappointing, especially in the beginning.

Still the movie is not a complete wreck, it still has some nice and even exciting moments and the musical score by James Newton Howard is also surprising good and so is the excellent camera work from David Tattersall. The characters Cyril and Malcolm also saves this movie from being a disaster.

Still somewhat entertaining mainly thanks to Martin Campbell's directing.


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