(Review originally written at 21 July 2003)

The movie is nothing more then a nice little movie. I think it's pretty obvious that Paul Verhoeven didn't tried to create a new masterpiece but just a fun little movie instead. Kind of like why Steven Spielberg made "Catch Me If you Can".

Let me start of by saying that the special effects are superb and something unseen (Haha! you get it ??? unseen, ba-da-boom!) But that's about all that makes this movie worth seeing.

Unfortunately the characters stay kind of flat and boring with the exception of the Kevin Bacon character of course. He's the only character you really can identify with. But I think that was kind of Paul Verhoeven's point maybe.

The movie is also a bit too short. I think it would have been better if a few more scene's were added. For example more scene's of the invisible Kevin Bacon. That would have been interesting.

The story is original and acceptable and yes, it's even scary at some points. Another big plus is the ending, it's a kind of "just when you thought it was over it wasn't" ending. But further more the movie isn't a must see or recommendable. Maybe just for the Verhoeven fans. I just don't think it appeals that much to the "normal" viewer.

The only reason why I rate this movie a 7 instead of an 6 is because the movie still has that special Verhoeven style and feeling in it. Verhoeven isn't afraid to show us how we are, instead of how we imaging to be, like in most Hollywood movies is the case these days.

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