(Review originally written at 21 July 2003)

Ben-Hur is the mother of epic movies! Everything about it is big and brilliant.

This is one of the few classic movie that has stand the test of time. Even now the movie is spectacular, grand and breathtaking. Even the acting is timeless.

Despite it's long running time it never gets close of getting boring. It's mainly because of the story that is just so big and interesting. I especially love the religious scene's and I'm not even a religious person! The movie is full of grand scene's with of course the chariot race as the highlight of the movie.

Visually the movie looks beautiful. Not only the sets look extremely realistic but also the costumes are more then excellent and Miklós Rózsa's musical score adds to the brilliance of the movie.

Even after almost 50 years it's still a feast for the senses. This is just a movie that you at least must have seen once in your life. There is nothing more to say about this movie then that it's brilliant! Go see it now...

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