(Review originally written at 14 July 2003)

What the Spy Who Shagged me did wrong, Goldmember did right. Instead of using old jokes and situations, Goldmember knows how to be original.

All the characters are even crazier then ever in this one. And then there are the new characters...Goldmember is even sillier and crazier than Dr. Evil and sometimes even funnier with his silly accent, Nigel Powers ( Michael Caine) is a great addition to the cast and Beyoncé Knowles can actually act!

Like in the 2 previous movies, the story is not important. It are the jokes that make the movie. The best thing about silly movie's is their silliness and Goldmember has plenty of that! There are lots of scene's that make you laugh out loud, something that the other 2 Austin Power's movies at times lacked.

If you didn't liked the previous 2 Austin Power's movies then simply don't watch this one. If you liked the previous 2 then this one is a must see!

Best comedy since years. Eagerly awaiting part 4.


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