(Review originally written at 26 May 2003)

This very different Bond movie is one of the best in the long series of Bond movies.

You immediately know that's it going to be a different Bond movie from act 1. The fact that Bond is taken prisoner and is tortured for over a year is surprising and makes the character more realistic and human. But not only Bond is different. The Bond girl has also changed in this one, Jinx (Halle Berry) is the female version of Bond and not as helpless and desperate as other Bond girls. The cinematography and editing has also changed in this one, in a good way. Also the story is more serious and has lesser jokes in it compared to other Bond movies.

The movie introduces some great new characters such as Damian Falco (Michael Madsen) and Judi Dench (M), John Cleese (Q) and Colin Salmon (Charles Robinson) return in their roles. The villains are excellent and the best bond villains in years (since GoldenEye).

The story is well written and is one of the best. The movie is action packed and the story is told in a quick pace and the movie is actually tense and exciting. It's funny that after so many decades Bond still knows how the surprise and amuse in an original way.

So all in all a great Bond movie with a good story, nice characters, cool new gadgets, great performances, and some superb action in a different kind of Bond movie.

Very enjoyable!


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