(Review originally written at 31 May 2003)

Incredible cheap made B-monster movie from the 50's that in a way is irresistible.

The movie is made in a typical old monster movie style and everything is cheesy and phony. The best example of this is the monster itself: The Gill-Man, it is so obvious that it's a guy in a rubber suit that now days it is laughable! But does it really matter? No, it doesn't, in a way it makes the movie irresistible.

The story itself is simple and weak and is basically about the Gill-Man that comes out of the water every now and then to kill a person. For a horror movie it just isn't scary enough so I see it more as an adventure movie instead.

There are some nice characters in the movie and the acting was way better then I expected. The underwater scene's with the Gill-Man are beautiful and very well done. Another thing I like is the Typical 50's B-monster film mood music that creates a nice atmosphere. The biggest mistake the film makers made is that they showed too much of the monster, they should have showed less so he would had been more mysterious and maybe even scary.

Not a classic, but still very amusing and watchable and highly recommendable if you like old monster movies.


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