(Review originally written at 20 May 2003)

Visually the movie looks brilliant, the costumes, the sets, the cinematography, everything is perfect. However the story is at some point over dramatic and follows way too many characters in way too many long and sometimes pointless scene's.

The cast is amazing it has so many great actors in it that I don't know where to start and they all give the performances of their lives. I especially mention Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman.

Then were did it go wrong with such a great cast & crew? The story. The story itself is actually pretty weak. I'll admit that at first the movie seems wonderfully made with excellent dialogs and visually amazing scene's. However when you think about it; how many of those scene's and characters are actually really needed? For instance, what's the point of Morgan Freeman's character? And what's the point of those long scene's were they do nothing but talking that hasn't really got to do anything with the main story. Yes sure the scene's are done wonderful and although they are long they aren't boring at all but just think about it; are they really needed? It almost seems as if those beautiful scene's and the acting are a cover up for the weak story.

It would have been a better movie if it had been 30 minutes shorter and had lesser characters in it. Still the movie is very watchable. There are a few memorable scene's and like I said many times before; visually the movie is wonderful!

I still find the movie recommendable, also because of the importance of it.


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