(Review originally written at 3 June 2003)

This is easily the best submarine movie ever made! And even better, it's the best European movie of all time and maybe even one of the best war films.

This is one of the only movies that shows the story from the "other side". You can actually feel along with the Germans and you have sympathy for them. This is because it shows the characters as individual soldiers fighting for their own cost instead as cruel heartless Nazi's. There are even lot's of anti-Nazi feeling expressed by the characters throughout the movie. After 5 minutes you've even forgotten that you're watching a German spoken movie.

The characters are all very likable and realistic but the main character of the movie is the submarine itself!

The movie is probably the most claustrophobic one ever made. The claustrophobic feeling is created by the excellent camera work that makes you feel that you're really aboard the submarine and you're one of it's crew members. Further more the atmosphere is very gritty and depressing which does good to the movie.

The film is actually really tense and can bring you to the edge of your seat. This is mainly because the story avoids every possible cliché and the ending is one of the most surprising endings of all time. The long scene's were nothing really happens are never boring and are a great addition to the movie because it shows the emotions and the feeling of the crew members really well.

Truly amazing!


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