(Review originally written at 22 June 2003)

This movie has something that other Star Wars "fan films" lack: Originality. While other fan films waste time on simple average stories set in woods with Jedi fighting the Sith and sometimes even if you're are lucky a bounty hunter with (with all respect) cheap looking effects, this movie doesn't have any of that. The story is very well written and I must say that it's nothing more then perfect!
The voice cast is excellent and so are the animations, especially Bail Organa looks superb! And you can see that Adam Bertocci really understands film making.

Only one small point of critic: The sound is sometimes pretty messed up, sometimes the sound or the music is too loud or too soft. But that's OK, it doesn't make the movie less pleasant to watch.

I've seen lot's of Star Wars fan films in my life but this one is up there with the bests, along with "Troops" and "The Formula", two other excellent and original fan films.

Certainly a very entertaining animated movie. Don't stop making movies Adam!


P.S.: You must probably see "Lola Rennt" first, to fully understand this movie 100%

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