(Review originally written at 22 August 2003)

The movie is great fun to watch, however the quality isn't that high.

The amazing thing is that the movie is based on true facts. If you don't know this the movie seems totally unbelievable and silly. It's great fun to see how Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) commits fraud time after time and impersonated several professions that he is not qualified to. However it feels like some lose events that were glued together in order to make an 2 hours+ movie. I think that the story of the real Frank Abagnale is much more interesting.

The actors are perfect. Leonardo DiCaprio is perfect for the role and he even manages to play a convincing early teenager, certainly his best role till date. But the one that steels the show is of course once again Christopher Walken. It's wonderful to see him again in a non-psychopath role. Tom Hanks also gives a nice performance however i have seen him done better. Certainly some nice casting work!

Visually the movie is eye candy because of the costumes, sets and especially cinematography.

There are some typical Spielberg things in the movie which makes it worth to watch. Like the comical elements of the movie that are done brilliantly in a way only Spielberg can do. Bad thing is that the movie doesn't seem like one to watch over and over again.

Not a must see but still a fun movie to watch.

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