(Review originally written at 26 August 2003)

By owning this movie you own a little piece of movie history.

The absolute most fantastic thing about "Reservoir Dogs" is the brilliant dialog. The movie is one big memorable quote and it alone makes the movie more then worth to watch.

Another wonderful thing about the movie are the characters. Rarely has there ever been so many great, cool and memorable characters in one movie. Maybe it's because of the amazing cast, everyone is perfect in their role I'm not going to especially mention a few because I feel I then won't do enough credit to the others and credit they deserve!

The story is told in an unique way by using flashbacks from how they all got the assignment for the mission and flashbacks from after the robbery, not shown in the right order. And it works wonderful! It's a shear pleasure to watch from beginning till end.

The hand held camera work gives the movie an extra cool feeling, it might look a bit unprofessional but it's nothing more then a brilliant addition to an already brilliant movie. The nice and cool "Super sounds of the 70's" soundtrack also adds to this, especially the now world famous thanks to the movie "Little Green Bag" from the George Baker Selection.

The movie is full with memorable moments such as the fantastic opening, the cop torture sequence and the Mexican stand-off at the end. But between all those scene's there are lot's of other moments which you will never forget.

Brilliant movie. An absolute must see!


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