(Review originally written at 22 August 2003)

"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" takes you on an adventure full with sword fights, explosions, bottles of rum and much humor.

This certainly is the most fun movie of the year (yet). It's an awesome "feel good" movie. The movie has a very high entertainment value, not only because of the fun story itself but also and mainly because of Johnny Depp. It has been said many times before and it will be said many times again but Depp is fantastic in this movie! His character introduction is priceless! But let's also not forget the perfectly casted Geoffrey Rush who also seemed to have lot's of fun making this movie.

The story is one big adventure and it has all the typical pirate adventure elements in it. Added to that there are the cursed ghost pirates and the British marine with as a result an even bigger adventure story. The movie is full with crazy and fun characters and there is some great dialog and much much comedy. In other words, how could you not like this movie?

The musical score is awesome, even though you can hear it was done in an hurry. The music uses lot's of elements from previous Media Venture scores such as "Gladiator" and "Black Hawk Down" but it just suits the movie very well and gives it an extra cool feeling.

Visually the movie looks simply amazing. The costumes are great and so are the sets. But even better are the special effects, the way the cursed pirates (and monkey) in the moonlight look is amazing.

The fights are cool, however I feel that it could have used some more wide shots instead of quick fast cuts. The final fight is amazing mainly because of the special effects where the characters change from their cursed look into their normal human look and back again time after time every time when they step into the moonlight.

No Oscar material, just great fun for everyone to watch over and over again! Also very recommendable if you like the "Monkey Island" games.


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