(Review originally written at 18 May 2003)

This is the only movie were you actually get emotional attached to a volleyball!

The movie starts of real good. We see Hanks as a guy that is always hasted and always have to beat the clock. When he strands on the Island (after an amazingly shot plane crash) he all of the sudden has all the time of the world and the movie turns into a man VS. nature battle were both challenge each other.

The are lot's of scene's were nothing really happens and are really slow but it never gets boring! And that's the power of this film.

Hanks once again shows his talent and he definitely is my favorite actor of this moment. Zemeckis directing, Burgess cinematography and some nice special effect and make up also do good to this movie.

My only points of critic: The time on the Island is to short, it last only about 1/3 of the movie and I really wanted to see more of Hanks on the Island because those are definitely the best scene's. Another thing, the movie is maybe a bit over dramatized at some moments. But oh well...

In a way a must see.


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