(Review originally written at 17 May 2003)

...maybe it was because I was expecting another Harrison Ford like Jack Ryan movie. But then I saw the movie again...

The story is disturbing realistic which is a very big plus. There's nothing in the movie that couldn't really happen today or tomorrow.

I admit that Ben Affleck wouldn't have been my first choice as young Dr. Ryan (not even my second of third) however I must also admit that he actually does a nice job, something I didn't expected. The other actors are also fine, especially James Cromwell (President Fowler) and CiarĂ¡n Hinds (President Nemerov)

Visually the movie looks great. There's a nice atmosphere throughout the whole movie and some outstanding special effects. Jerry Goldsmith delivers a surprising good soundtrack (especially the beginning is superb!)

The first halve of the movie is only average and nothing special with some weak action and a almost predictable story. The second halve however makes up a lot. The second halve of the movie can be described as "Dr. Strangelove like" where the 2 biggest world leaders have the faith of the world in their hands. Another big plus is that it shows the story from both the American and Russian side with Jack Ryan in the middle trying to prevent a nuclear war between the both countries. Like I said before it's extremely realistic, a good example of this is the scene in Air Force One right after the nuclear explosion, all the people on board are in panic and talking at the same time just like it would happen in real life.

At first my opinion was that the movie lacked a villain, all the villains in the movie are minor characters and everything they do seems to be happening in the background of the movie. Then I realized that the events in the movie are already shocking and disturbing enough and that there aren't any villains needed at all.

The movie is recommendable for everybody that want to see a realistic movie with a good quick pace and some nice special effects and dialog.

At first I would have rated it 6/10 however I now rate it a:


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