(Review originally written at 23 September 2003)

The movie is filled with beautiful images and moments, too bad that the story is far from interesting.

"Backdraft" possibly has the best scene's with fire in it ever. The scene's with fire are truly beautiful mainly because the fire is treated as a living breathing thing with a will of it's own. Fire is actually a very beautiful thing, too bad it's just so dangerous and deadly.

The beginning is truly wonderful and actually one of my all time favorites mainly because of the most excellent music by Hans Zimmer. However right after the wonderful beginning the movie becomes slow and kind of dull and only really becomes interesting when fires occur.

The main problem is the story, it simply isn't interesting enough and only works distracting. It has a nice brother-relation story in it though, but it can't save the story. Also the ending is way too much over the top, beautiful but just too much over the top.

The cast is solid and full with big names. Kurt Russell, Scott Glenn and J.T. Walsh are excellent however Robert De Niro and Donald Sutherland are given pretty ungrateful roles and are a waste of talent and opportunity to make the story a whole lot more interesting or at least more convincing.

Still the fire scene's makes up surprising much and they alone make this movie more then worth to watch. They are really very spectacular!


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