(Review originally written at 24 September 2003)

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie is very original in many ways and not like other horror and thriller movies at all.
The best thing about "What Lies Beneath" is that it keeps surprising with many plot twist and it knows how to combine the horror and the thriller elements in a most excellent way.

The first 30 minutes are a stroke of genius. It starts of like an Hitchcock like thriller but after the fist 30 minutes your realize it was only a distraction and that the real story and plot is about something completely different.

And yes, the movie is scary too. It has lot's of scary moments that will scare you time after time.

Michelle Pfeiffer is simply brilliant and is a great leading lady. Harrison Ford also pulls of quite well, the first 1 and a half hours or so, as a good loving husband/father and the last 30 minutes as a really scary villain. It was amazing to see Harrison Ford in a villain role, it's too bad he never portrays villains because he really has a talent for it.

The movie also features some great many long scene's with excellent camera work that really builds up the tension. It shows that Robert Zemeckis has a great talent for horror and timing.

The best combination of thriller and horror I have ever seen with many surprising plot twist.

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