(Review originally written at 20 September 2003)

The movie has some very good drama but it gets sometimes a bit to technical which makes the movie sometimes hard and difficult to fully follow.

Maybe the best thing about "Apollo 13" is the wonderful cast. Especially Gary Sinise and Ed Harris are more then great. Ed Harris actually really looks very much alike the real Gene Kranz. But of course the rest of the cast is also excellent. A very well cast movie.

Another great thing about the movie are the special effects. They are really superb and seem ahead of their time. Better then some of the effects that are used in science-fiction movies that are made these days.

I also liked the at some times quite unusual cinematography from Dean Cundey and the musical score from James Horner.

I don't know how much is true about the story but it seems that sometimes the movie is a bit over dramatized. But that's not such a bad thing since it only does good to the movie and the characters. The movie is not only just dramatic, it also is tense and exciting. Especially the ending is done great, even though you already know how it's going to end you're still on the edge of your seat. Well done Ron Howard! There also are more wonderful scene's such as the launch which is done truly beautiful, mainly because of the music and cinematography the scene it is one of the best moments in cinema history of the last decade.

But like I said before, it could have done without the many technical elements, or there at least should had been lesser moments with it. Also, there is a bit too much patriotism for my taste.

All in all, very well worth watching.


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