(Review originally written at 16 September 2003)

And that one big plus is Rutger Hauer. He really plays a very memorable scary psychopath, one of the best out of movie history. I really feel that at least an Oscar nomination would have been a proper thing.

The story is kind of thriller average, as a matter of fact there isn't really a story. It's a road movie/thriller combination that feels and looks like a straight to video B-movie. But it's a combination that feels and works surprising well!

C. Thomas Howell is not a great leading man but luckily Rutger Hauer compensates a lot. I can't even imaging how this movie would have been without him. Probably very, very bad and forgotten. He makes some scene's really worth watching and scary.

But of course not just only Rutger Hauer is good. There also are some nice cruel sequences and some nice but not always interesting situations. Unfortunately the movie is a bit too short and leaves more questions then answers.

Not really that recommendable unless you really want to see Rutger Hauer in a most excellent psychopathic role.


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