(Review originally written at 20 September 2003)

"A View to a Kill" is one of the better and cooler Bonds.

From the most excellent theme song by Duran Duran till the big finale on the golden gate bridge the movie is entertaining and thrilling in a good quick pace.

What makes "A View to a Kill" one of the better Bonds to me is that it has Christopher Walken in it as the main villain. He plays an excellent psychopath, a bit over the top maybe but very entertaining nevertheless. One of the better Bond villain. The rest of the cast is also good and it's hard to believe that Roger Moore was already in his late 50's while making this movie. Grace Jones portrays the legendary character May Day which also is a big addition to the movie. Another wonderful addition to the cast is Patrick Macnee.

Like in all Bond movies the story is actually quite silly and unbelievable. But then again Bond movies are not known for their realism, their are known for their very high entertainment value and entertaining this movie is.

The movie is full with great moments, maybe even more then all the other Bond movies. One of the better moments is the escape from the burning building, it's great not as much visually but more musically. And the golden gate bridge finale is maybe one of the best Bond endings. Very spectacular

A must see for the Bond fan.

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