Not sure what to make of this movie. Sometimes it can be a good thing when you can't really tell whether a movie is trying to be a thriller, horror- or mystery movie. It means that the movie is being unique and original, but at times it also means that the movie is an inconsistent and messy one. That latter unfortunately is being the case with this movie as well.

The movie actually handles and builds its mystery up very well. A little bit too well though, sine it starts to work against the movie after a while. It is a movie that really isn't giving you all that much information about anything, for its first hour or so. You however should always give the viewers something to remain intrigued and invested into the movie. The approach of this movie however ensures that the movie is a mostly vague and mysterious one, without ever turning into a truly interesting one as well. It therefore also really isn't the most suspenseful or eventful one to watch. Not that it ever becomes too much of a bore, but I just can't imaging anyone sitting through this movie for a second viewing.

It seems that this movie had plenty of potential and had a good and clear idea what it was building up toward and how things were going to end, but it unfortunately seemed to have no idea how to connect its build up and eventual payoff in an effective way. It is even as if the final 20 minutes and the first minutes are two completely different movies. It takes far too long for the movie to gain some steam and take things into an interesting enough direction, leading toward its end. And really, from a horror viewpoint the final 20 minutes are actually quite good. I really do wish that the movie would had been more like its final minutes. That way things at least would have been far more entertaining, creative and suspenseful to watch. It is as if the movie is afraid to ever turn into a full blown horror flick, while all of the right ingredients for it were really there. It tries to be more. It tries to be different. It fails though.

The story doesn't only slow things down, it also really keeps the movie down as a whole. All potentially good and interesting suspenseful and mysterious elements get squandered by its dull and lacking storytelling. Not sure if you could blame the director Patricio Valladares for that. He actually still does a pretty decent job with the movie, that in no way or form ever feels like the cheap and uneventful horror/thriller flick that it in fact truly is.

It also is true that the movie gets let down by its actors. Jason London just wasn't the right charismatic person for the role and he never became likable enough and Robert Englund is quite terrible as a blind man. I mean, seriously. He plays the character as one big walking cliché, who in no way moves or behaves like a real blind man. He is just in this movie because he is Robert Englund I guess.

Far from the most terrible thing I have ever seen, but due to its pacing and approach not really one that I would ever recommend to anyone neither.


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