What do you think? Is this movie a cheap "Geostorm" rip-off; yes or nah? Well, I think that the title of this movie and the cover are pretty self explanatory...

Oh yes, The Asylum strikes again! Trying to make a few quick bucks on the 'succes' of "Geostorm". But you know what, I love The Asylum for it. Of course their movies are never anything too impressive or original, but through its ridiculousness the movies often tend to become some pretty entertaining ones to watch, although I most definitely won't call this movie a very good or particularly entertaining one as well.

And really, anyone who would call or consider this movie to be an even remotely good one is probably pretty crazy. There is no originality. No real excitement and absolutely nothing about this movie that comes close to being impressive. Cheap effects, questionable acting, a nonsensical story. In other words; plenty here for B-movie lovers and lovers of bad movies in general, to enjoy.

It basically is nothing more than a movie about a bunch of uninteresting characters trying to survive some very mundane situations. Seriously, the world is at the brick of destruction in this movie, yet all the characters have to survive is climbing up a rock and escaping from a slightly collapsed building. Yep, that is about as much excitement as this movie has to offer. There is never really a sense of true destruction and danger, not even when volcanoes start to erupt and tidal waves hit the coast. You after all already know how things are going to progress and eventually end, since movies like this are by the numbers and do very little to surprise you.

Nothing ever really happens in the story and to its the characters and everything that does happen to them feel far too random. Things aren't really connected to each other, or at least it absolutely never feels that way. The movie besides does very little to ever build up any excitement or tension. It doesn't necessarily make this movie a boring one, but it does make it a very pointless and uneventful one to watch.

The movie at times remains an enjoyable to watch, just because it is such a bad one, but absolutely never because it is genuinely a good or entertaining one as well. It is not the worst movie from The Asylum that I have ever seen, but it is one of the least entertaining ones unfortunately.


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