Comedy combined with horror hardly is anything new, but it more often than not doesn't work out very successful. Hard to say why, but making a good comedy is tough in general, let alone successfully combining it with another genre.

This movie also definitely is more comedy than horror. Most of its horror consists about of referencing horror classics, without featuring any scares on its own in it. I wouldn't call the movie a spoof though, since it isn't really making fun of anything. It in a way is a very respectful movie, but at the same time the fact that it keeps referencing other movies also makes this a far from original or surprising one. It is all done in a fun and at times also still pretty creative way, but story-wise it too often gets in the way of the movie.

It is fair to call this movie a comedy version of "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Omen". It is a pretty well done and fun combination, but story-wise there definitely is plenty wrong with this movie. It was like things got told in a reverse order at times. The father trying to bond with his stepson after he literally tried to kill him and he already had seen the things he was capable off? Quite weird and definitely not convincing. Granted that comedies don't need to be realistic and convincing with its story and characters, but there still has to be something that viewers can latch onto and care about, or else your story is going work out as a far too shallow and uninteresting one. This movie in this case provides far too little story-elements that work out as convincing enough, thus making the movie a mostly shallow viewing experience. Fun, but shallow nevertheless.

Most comedies feature a bunch of grounded characters, combined with a bunch of crazy and over-the-top ones in it. I feel that the movie in this case found a pretty successful balance, with Adam Scott as the man of reason, even when the world around him is almost literally falling apart. Less successful is the child character, who just barely is a character, even though he clearly plays a central part in the movie its story. He barely talks, which I know was the point of his character, but he besides next to that never forms much or a treat despite of all of his powers. A reason why all of the suspense and horror of the movie falls flat, which of course was never supposed to be the most important aspect of the movie, but still. It adds to the reasons why this movie in a lot of ways doesn't work out as an effective one.

It sounds like I absolutely hate this movie, but it is just that there is plenty wrong with it, though I absolutely still enjoyed watching it, believe it or not. It is just a fun movie to watch, that easy to digest. It never tries to be bigger- or anything else than it is supposed to be. It besides is a well made film, with some fine acting in it. It helps that most of the actors in this movie are absolute experts when it comes down to comedy. I definitely also had a good time watching it, though it is unlikely that I am ever going to be seeing it again.

A watchable, good looking and fun acted out movie, but definitely nothing too get too excited about. Story-wise there is plenty wrong with it, which prevents this movie from ever turning into a truly great or successful horror-comedy.


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