As far as comedies go, I always remain to have a soft spot for silly and immature stuff. Most of the time it is fun to watch, but that of course doesn't necessarily make them great movies as well. This movie is an example of that. While I had plenty of fun with it, there is absolutely no denying that it is a terribly flawed movie, to say the least.

Things actually started quite well and promising for this movie. A great funny concept, good comedy actors, plenty of entertaining ad libbing. It however soon starts to become obvious that the movie has little to offer as far as its story and comedy are concerned. There is never a pleasant flow to things. Scèness just follow each other and it is like the movie isn't even following a script half of the time. Ad libbing taken too far. In a way it even is lazy film- making, but probably also a necessity, since even with all that ad libbing and pointless sequences and characters this movie only remains barely 80 minutes short.

Watching David Hasselhoff in cameos is always fun, so it is not weird to think that he is also going to be fun in this movie. It however made the mistake to turn David Hasselhoff into a character, rather than letting him play himself, even though he supposedly is playing himself (confusing, I know). It feels far too forced and while The Hoff probably had plenty of fun with it, it just isn't all that fun to watch for the viewers. It is all too self-aware, even for a silly comedy, that features plenty of celebrity jokes and cameos in it. It constantly takes you out of the movie, rather than helping to turn it into anything fun.

On the bright sight, it is good to see Ken Jeong carrying a film for once and he definitely is also doing a great job with it. He is not to blame for the movie its lack of focus and weak writing. All of the comedy actors are quite good in this movie and a reason why it still remains a somewhat fun and watchable movie at parts. However the longer the movie goes on, the harder it becomes to keep watching- and like it.

A shame. This sounds like such a great silly movie and while it definitely does have its fun moments, it overall remains a far too simplistic and ineffective one to work out as a decent enough comedy.


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