A tornado can either suck or blow you away. So what does this movie do? Well, it kind of does both.

At this point the Sharknado movies are just an excuse to put in as many crazy situations- and destroy as many different landmarks as possible, classic disaster-movie style. Forget about any logic, or rather said, forget about any story. Can't even say that this movie follows much of a story. It is basically the one crazy and silly event after the other, but you know what; it actually works.

The whole Sharknado-hype is kind of crazy. There actually are tons of silly shark movies made by The Asylum for the SyFy channel out there, yet it are the Sharknado-movies that are the most popular and best known ones. Why? I don't even really know. Maybe it is the title, maybe the concept, maybe it is just by pure chance. There surely doesn't seem to be any logic to it, which actually is quite suiting for these type of movies of course. Fact remains that even after 5 movies in people are still fascinated by it- and gather around to watch these movies. A wonderful thing. After all, not all movies are made to impress. Some are simply here to entertain and to bring plenty of laughs and joy into your living room. The SyFy channel understands this and has mastered this throughout the years. It is a reason why I often enjoy watching their movies, even though there is no way I could call any of them great movies as well.

This movie has all the markings of a typical SyFy channel movie, with as a difference that it allows itself to take things a tad bit further. It dares to be a bit more silly than the average movie and it most definitely isn't holding back with anything else neither. The kills, the action, the characters, the humor. It is all incredibly over-the-top and the movie is definitely very self-aware as well. There is absolutely no one in this movie who doesn't understand what he/she got themselves into. The actors all play their roles in a fun way, but at the same time also straightforward enough in order for its little story to work out. And honestly, the acting really isn't anything too bad in this movie. I kind of like how the main actors keep playing their roles straight, as it does bring some context and gravity to things. The movie is both exciting- as well as stupendously funny, at all of the right moments.

There is also no reason to believe that the series is going to end here. It is not just because of its open ending, but also due to the fact that the formula is still successful and leaves plenty of room for a whole bunch of other crazy moments, featuring more creative sharknado's.

And that is one of the main things; it is silly, it is stupid, but at least it is an incredibly creative movie as well. It is extremely simplistic, but at the same time it is a far from predictable movie. It truly manages to bring plenty of surprises and laughs with its crazy moments and cameos by well known actors and personalities.

The special effects are on par with normal The Asylum/SyFy channel standards. Good to see that they didn't wasted any extra money on it and why should they? After all, this movie is not about looking good or being the best movie ever made. It is here to entertain you with plenty of silly stuff, including some silly looking special effects.

Simply a great, very simplistic and silly movie, to have a great time with.


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