What seems like an interesting and through provoking science-fiction movie actually turns out to be nothing more but a shallow and exaggerated genre movie, that never manages to lets its main concept come across as anything credible.

I actually believe that this is the future; transfer your consciousness to another body/object, in order to live forever. (Though most likely people are going to laugh at this comment, in 50 years from now). I am therefore also quite interested in the subject and it is good to see the concept is making its way into mainstream media and movies nowadays. But it really is not like this movie is going to bring any awareness to the research or is going to evoke any sort of discussion about it. It is just far too insignificant for that and it handles its themes in a rather ineffective and mostly unconvincing way. This movie is definitely more 'fiction' than 'science', which is not much of a complaint in itself, but it in this case makes its story rather tame and uninteresting to follow.

It never manages to sell its main concept to its audience. Emotions are flat, developments too clich├ęd and the acting too uninspired. It actually is disappointing to see how the movie slowly turns into a weak "Ex Machina" clone, while the movie had plenty of potential, especially story-wise, to be something good and original on its own.

It is as if the movie instead of going for realism, is going for excitement, but it forgets to put any excitement in. There is never any good mystery and all of the thrillers aspects fall flat, due to the way how unrealistic they come across. Also none of the drama works out very well because of this, while there really still was plenty of room- and opportunity for it to work out. The movie really only has itself to blame for the fact that it never works out as well as it should have.

It further more remains a good looking movie though. I would imaging that it didn't have an awfully big budget to spend, but it does look quite impressive. Visually it remains a good and appealing movie to look at, with the exceptions of a few cheap looking shots. But really, even the biggest and most expansive movies aren't flawless in that regard.

The acting on the other hand feels lacking though. With all respect, but the acting in this movie is more of TV-like quality. Emotions, technical stuff. The actors have a hard time conveying their roles and make things as credible and realistic as possible. Sure, the characters also aren't the most interesting ones, but the actors do very little to spice their roles- and any of the dialog up.

In all honesty, it never becomes a truly terrible movie to watch, but there just isn't enough there to call this a very good or interesting one to watch.


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