Well, there is a tournament. And some gladiators...I guess. So no, it is not like this movie is lying about anything but you will probably still feel cheated afterward, due to its quality. Or perhaps rather said, its lack of quality.

In some ways this actually still is a pretty enjoyable movie to watch. That doesn't equal great as well though. It is one of the many simplistic movies to feature an "Enter the Dragon" type of plot. That is not a complaint though, since it is the tournament aspect that still makes this movie a pretty decent and enjoyable one to watch at parts. As a whole it still remains an incredibly lacking movie though.

Lets be fair, it is not following much of a plot. Something about a sword and blah, blah, blah. It doesn't matter all too much, since the movie itself doesn't bother much neither. It is actually a somewhat confusing movie to follow, due to how messy its storytelling gets at times. The movie is at its 'best' when its simple and focused. When it tries to elaborate on its story and characters it becomes an absolutely dreadful one to watch.

There isn't really a good and strong enough main lead in this neither, which is especially odd and disappointing. It is a perfect movie for a 'bigger than life' type of hero, but yet it features only a bunch of extremely shallow and mostly uninteresting characters in it. What is worse than that is the acting. The word 'terrible' doesn't even begin to describe it.

It obviously is cheap looking and feeling as well, though it really isn't as bad as most other, low-budget, genre attempts. The movie has its moments. The action for instance really isn't anything too bad looking or choreographed. If you are in the mood for some simple and dumb action this movie actually still might be a somewhat enjoyable one for you. Not that I wholeheartedly would recommend this movie to anyone though.

Thumbs down for these 'gladiators'.


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