This sounds like another lame horror-comedy, featuring a silly concept, but most surprising thing about this movie is that it is a serious genre attempt, that surprisingly works out quite well.

And believe it or not; this really isn't the first killer bed movie. And I have to say, out of all killer bed movies, this one actually is the best and most effective one out there. I have only seen two killer bed movies, including this one, but in all seriousness, as far as the genre is concerned this movie is definitely being an original and effective watch, mostly due to its concept.

Of course the concept of the movie is far fetched and therefore also a far from believable one, but that often doesn't really matter too much for a genre movie such as this one. Silly and far fetched often equals fun and original, which is something most horror movies can't get right. It is especially the originality that makes this movie an unpredictable and therefore good and enjoyable one.

As a horror movie it maybe isn't the most eventful, tense or gory genre movie out there, but as a movie it remains well constructed. It is a good and professional looking movie that doesn't feature too many needless distractions in it and besides never feels too slow or dull. The characters aren't the most interesting or well developed ones, but their backstories still contribute plenty to the movie. Not the most engaging movie to watch, but at least it always remains an interesting one.

Granted that not everything works out though. It definitely could and perhaps even should have elaborated more on certain story aspects and things could have been made more interesting by just a few minor additions to its characters and horror. I just can't see all horror lovers enjoying this movie, due to its lack of suspense and gore, though the movie certainly still tries at points. It just isn't the fun and gory horror movie most would expect it to be, which is going to be part of the reason why some are probably still going to feel disappointed with this movie.

Never a great movie, but nevertheless still a surprisingly good one, that has plenty of originality in it.


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