This is a rather interesting and certainly original enough project, that however doesn't always result in a very interesting or effective movie as well.

In short; this movie tries to be way bigger than its budget allows it to be. It is ambitious and it is filled with plenty of ideas and potential, but in its enthusiasm it attempts to be way too much, while it was clearly lacking the money and other resources to pull things off both effective and convincing enough. It tries to be an action filled science-fiction movie, but instead it looks and feels more like an outdated video game.

And I know that part of this was intentional. After all, it clearly mimics a video game with its approach and director Tim Smit is known for his "Half-Life" inspired short film "What's in the Box?". It also is an approach that makes this movie rather unique and good to watch, but visually it however remains a far from perfect- or very impressive movie.

It has 'low-budget' written all over it, especially when looking at its special effects. Sure, it is all a great accomplishment, considering most of it got done by just one guy, but it really isn't anything that convincing. And really, the movie is going for realism with its approach and story.

That also is a bit of a 'downfall' for this movie. Rather than being simple entertainment, it takes itself a tad bit too serious. The action is there, but it is never anything too spectacular or entertainment. It remains a mostly story-driven movie, that tries to do much, but achieves far too little. The movie has a difficult time setting up its story and world for the viewers. I really wasn't buying into the whole post-apocalyptic world and setting of the movie. This was part because of its visuals, but also due to its storytelling, that provides far too little background information about anything or anyone. And rather than telling a personal story (after all, the movie mostly gets told from literally the point-of-view of one person) it tries to tell a bigger than life adventurous and action filled story, about saving the world. Strangely enough this really isn't all that interesting. It has been done to death and this movie really doesn't bring anything new to the table, story-wise. It makes the movie, despite its approach, a very formulaic and redundant one.

And if you want your movie to take place in a supposedly American town, than why feature well known Amsterdam land marks- and Dutch street signs in your movie? It just seemed confusing and clumsy to me. The fact that this is a very international production also means that it features a ton of different thick accents. Again, this is something that just doesn't contribute to the movie its credibility and it makes the movie even somewhat annoying to follow at parts. The acting also really isn't all that impressive in this movie, to further add to things.

It is a very interesting and also definitely original project, but I lost interest in it pretty quickly. Story-wise there isn't enough there and as an action science-fiction movie it lacks tension, entertainment and spectacular moments in it. It is never a boring or too terrible movie to watch, but there is not enough in it to make it a worthwhile movie. Not bad, but definitely not very recommendable either.


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