Thing that I like and can appreciate about this movie is that it is a slasher with an original approach to it. While its concept really isn't anything new it manages to bring things in a fresh and good enough way.

I still can't say for sure that all horror lovers are going to love this movie though. It isn't always the most eventful one and there also isn't all that much suspense or any good scares present. Because you never really know what is real and what isn't the suspense often lacks punch and the approach also doesn't always work out too well for its mystery. There is some gore and the killings are pretty decent, but I just don't think that it is enough to please all of the slasher lovers out there.

Most of time this movie really doesn't even feel like a slasher. Hard to describe its style and atmosphere, since in a lot of ways this movie is really being its own thing. A thriller would perhaps still be the best way to describe this movie, though its story definitely makes this a full-out horror and slasher flick. A bit of a mixed bag that works out well in some regards, but feels lacking in others. It is good to watch if you are in the mood for something unique and original, but disappointing to watch if you want a good old fashioned slasher.

Maybe the movie also is a bit too self-aware to fully work out as a horror flick. In some ways it is even a bit of a parody of the genre and the movie also often takes a more comedic approach to things. It is entertaining, but it at the same time takes away a lot of the tension and mystery from the movie.

It also is true that the movie doesn't fully work out due to its characters. The movie lacks some solid and likable enough characters. None of them is very well developed and the movie besides lacks a good main 'hero' and 'villain' in it. The acting also doesn't impress too much, which obviously also is part of the reason why none of the characters work out that well.

I personally still liked the movie more than I didn't. This really was mostly due to its refreshing approach and the fact that it had plenty of originality in it. It maybe isn't ever the best movie out there, but it at least also isn't the most formulaic or predictable one. Plenty of good elements and surprises to consider this a watchable movie.


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