This sounds like one of these high-tech, modern horror flicks, featuring an Internet angle to it but it in fact is merely just another formulaic, 'old fashioned' slasher, set in the woods. This is a good and bad thing at the same time. Good because high-tech horror flicks are usually terrible and absolute cringe-worthy ones but bad because it also means that the movie has very little new to offer.

It's sort of funny how the fact that the two main characters met online is totally irrelevant to the story. ""? Just a hip and original sounding movie title for a slasher, just don't get fooled by it.

In a way I'm also still glad that the movie is more of a straightforward and simplistic slasher. Genre movies from the '70's and '80's also never were the most original or complicated ones but at least they often were still fun to watch. It usually are some entertaining movies, thanks to its creative killings and crazy concepts. This movie is no different, with as an only problem that it just isn't a very well made movie.

A low-budget shouldn't necessarily be a restraint for a slasher and it can actually benefit from it but in this case the movie is just a tad bit too cheap and amateur-like looking. Not just the camera-work but also the editing, the special effects, the sound-quality, the music, the acting. It's all below average, which unsurprisingly so also turns this into a below average genre attempt to watch.

Another problem with the movie also really is that nothing comes as a surprise. It attempts to throw in some twists here and there but the thing about them is that you can see them coming from a mile away already, due to the way how things get build up within the story and are handled by its actors. It's even annoying how this movie plays out as you would expect and brings absolutely nothing new or remotely surprising to the table.

Guess I still somewhat like the movie for being more old fashioned than all hip and modern but I just really can't call it a very successful- or good one to watch as well.


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