No real robots or wars in this movie. So why is it named that way? Because it sounds cool of course!

Maybe the movie doesn't have the most original or revolutionary concept but its a concept that works out well for the movie Its approach ensures that the movie is a good one to watch, for most part anyway. It's an action movie that's shot entirely from a POV-perspective, which definitely makes the movie feel and look like a video-game. It lets the low-budget and simplistic action still seem somewhat good and spectacular. It keeps the movie going and somewhat entertaining to watch as well.

But it's not like the movie has much more to offer though. The story is really secondary, which isn't always necessarily a bad thing for an action-flick but it in this case makes the movie a bit of a tiresome and repetitive one to watch. As a matter of fact, I can't even tell you what its story is supposed to be all about. It's just that messy and/or nonexistent at parts. It never seems to play much of a role in the movie. It's approach also results in it that things aren't ever given the room or time to develop and the story to progress in an engaging and natural way.

I'm sure of it that the movie must have been lots of fun to make though. The actors must have had lots of fun running- and shooting around in futuristic dystopian settings but it's unfortunate that the movie itself isn't half as fun to watch as well. In the long run it really isn't offering enough to keep you interested in it and it isn't doing anything truly surprising or spectacular to make this a very memorable experience.

In a way I still admire the movie. It features a pretty decent concept and idea behind it and all things considering; it's still a pretty well made movie. Sure, its low-budget is obvious all throughout but that didn't stop the movie from trying to be as creative and 'realistic' as possible. I didn't all quite work out very well but I admire the attempt and also have to say that it's a tad bit better than just the average, cheap, genre attempt, that tries to combine action and science-fiction elements.

Not a great movie by any means but still somewhat watchable.


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