As far as low-budget zombie-actions movies go...this one really isn't all that great, original or memorable. However, luckily Nick Lyon is a pretty capable director, who despite all limitations often still manages to deliver a pretty decent movie, as is the case for this one as well.

It's kind of a shame to see how a talented young director such as Nick Lyon currently is stuck with directing this type of cheap and simplistic SyFy channel entertainment. He knows how to handle action, pace and some good storytelling, despite the fact that the movie features very little story- and barely any well developed characters in it at all. The movie features about the most basic and simplistic zombie-action story imaginable and it seems that hardly any effort or time got put into coming up with the story and the eventual writing of the screenplay. Yet the movie remains perfectly watchable, for most part. The movie never bores and despite being a very predictable one it still manages to be a pretty entertaining one, which really is all due to the pleasant and professional looking style of the movie and some good action moments.

Obviously I still can't call this movie a great one though, or one that even comes remotely close to it. And this really is all because of the story, It's even kind of annoying how the movie throws you right into the midst of things, without ever setting anything up first. Main effect of this is that you never get to know any of the characters, let alone feel anything for them. Every little dramatic and more serious aspect of the movie also falls flat because of this.

I also really can't call any of the action truly spectacular but thing about it is that it's shot well, so it actually never across like anything cheap or too standard. The movie is also definitely mostly relying purely on its action but in this case that really isn't such a bad thing, since it's about the only thing about the movie that stands out and somewhat decent to watch.

Also really don't watch this movie expecting to get some good zombie horror stuff. It keeps coming up with its own rules, so it's mostly a thing of its own really that isn't relying on all of the genre clich├ęs. This is both a good and bad thing. Good because it's original and refreshing but bad because the stuff that it's offering in regard to its zombie themes really isn't anything all too great or interesting. I for one would have preferred a more horror type of approach to the zombie creatures, instead of trying to turn them into action-superheroes, who's main concern never seems to be the consumption of flesh or nice, fresh, juicy organs.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the acting also really isn't all that great. Granted that this is because of the story and writing of the movie but aside from that, it's simply true that these actors just aren't among the greatest. It's actually luckily that the movie doesn't focus on the characters too much and is more all about bringing some dumb, simple, entertainment to the screen, with its action, settings and main concept.

This movie could have been way worse, which doesn't sound like much of a compliment or a very positive thing to say but in this case it means that the movie does feature some elements in that prevent it from being as bad as the average low-budget genre attempt.


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