Will shark movies ever stop being popular? Probably not and we mostly have The Asylum/SyFy channel to blame for this. This movie is yet another silly (or rather said, just plain stupid) shark movie, containing some abysmal effects and terrible writing.

No, it brings nothing new to the table. It's basically following the familiar and very standard formula of having a bunch of people getting terrorized by some terribly fake looking sharks. Seriously, can't they put a tiny bit more effort into creating the effects? 2017 is right around the corner, there is absolutely no excuse for any movie nowadays to have such bad effects such as this movie has in it.

It's still kind of funny to see how this movie slowly starts to turn into a "Deep Blue Sea" ripoff, as it progresses. Funny, since "Deep Blue Sea" isn't exactly the most well liked or respected movies, involving sharks, that's around. It should also tell you something about the originality of the movie. Sure, it's still pretty creative with some of its shark attacks and story elements but never in a mind-blowing or otherwise very effective kind of way. It's a ridicules movies and it obviously knows this but yet it never manages to make it work in its advantage. It's never fun enough, never thrilling and never very surprising either.

The movie is about as nonsensical as you would expect. I mean, "Ice Sharks come on! What more do you need to know? They don't really ever take the trouble to explain things or make things remotely credible to watch, which should have been fine, if only the movie would have known how to be fun. It now instead mostly is nothing more than an offensively bad and silly movie, that doesn't really seem to know what it wants to do and how to achieve anything.

It in all honesty still is far from the worst SyFy channel movie I have ever seen but that's about the most positive thing I can say about it. It's just plain bad and unfortunately never in a very entertaining way neither.


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