Maybe I'm just incredibly immature but I always really enjoy watching stoner comedies. They are never great movies but at least they are often fun to watch. Stupid but great fun nevertheless.

This movie is a very typical stoner movie, at least for the most part. As it title already suggest it's being a bit of a horror movie as well, though the horror/slasher elements really don't come into play once the movie halfway done already. It was also at that moment that the movie started to become a tad bit more formulaic and less enjoyable for me. I was really enjoying the movie its comedy and nonsensical story, with all of the crazy characters in it,until it decided to become a Halloween cash grab.

It's also weird really. I can really see how the first half of the movie could be enjoyed while being a bit high yourself (don't do drugs mmm'kay), while the second half of the movie is much harder and less fun to follow, since all of the sudden the story starts to become relevant and things get taken more seriously. Well, at least serious in the context of this movie. Of course it's far from a serious or even remotely realistic movie but simple fact remains that the two halves of the movie differ far too much from each other. I guess that the whole whodunnit aspect of the movie still could have worked out well for it, if only it got introduced earlier into the movie. Granted it does get introduced early on in the movie but it doesn't become a relevant plot line to the movie until it's mostly done already.

But yes, I'm definitely crazy since I still just can't call this movie a bad one. I enjoyed it far too much for that, despite of all of its flaws and weaknesses. It's stupid, it's crazy but it's all some quite well done stupidness and craziness and perhaps most importantly; it's a genuinely funny movie

Some of the actors look a bit too old for their part but that really doesn't stop the characters from all working out as some likable and greatly comedic ones. It's also fun to see actors such as Danny Trejo and Ray Wise show up in this, in some small bit parts.

Just some plain and simple good silly fun.


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