For the longest time I used to think that zombies and western would be the most perfect combination in movies imaginable. Now that I have actually seen a bunch of them I'm still waiting for the perfect zombie-western crossover but this movie yet again proofs that it's something that potentially could work out as something original and fun to watch.

It's not a typical western though. It's a modern one, which in this case means that it's set in present day. Just imaging "The Magnificent Seven" set in moderns times, with zombies thrown into the mix. Sounds crazy and ridicules and of course it is but why should you ever take any zombie movie serious in the first place?

Besides, it's a that's made by The Asylum, made for the SyFy channel, so you should know what you're in for. They absolutely never make the best type of movies but occasionally they still deliver something perfectly fun and good to watch.

And of course this is a far from impressive movie but at least it knows to entertain, which also is really worth something. It's a fast paced movie, with plenty of action in it, some fun characters and of course a whole bunch of zombies and blood and gore. Really, there is no reason for a zombie-lover to pass on this movie, though most of them probably still will. At first sight it really doesn't seem like anything special or a movie that's worth your time but once you do decide to watch it chances are you are really going to end up enjoy watching.

It's real easy to hate on- and make fun of a movie that's a cheap knockoff of "The Magnificent Seven" and stars a bunch of popular boy-band members from the '90's but there just is absolutely no denying to me that I had a great time watching this movie, although of course I'm going to sit up here claiming that it's an absolute must-see, that's without any faults but in some cases all a movie has to do is entertain.

It also quite honestly is a pretty well made movie, especially all things considering and when compared to most other SyFy channel movies. It obviously is a very low-budget movie but the movie is still pretty good looking, directing is tight and there is plenty of action and excitement, which all ensures that the movie never becomes boring. It has a very basic and straightforward story but thing I liked about it was how it was never wasting any time on trying to be anything that it wasn't. By that I mean that the movie never attempts to throw in any drama or try to explain everything into detail, in an attempt to make things more credible and realistic. More often than not this type of approach simply does not work out for short low-budget movies, that feature neither the resources or the actors in them to let these things work out.

And no, this movie also truly doesn't feature the best actors in it. Co-writer Nick Carter (yes, that Backstreet Boy) decided it would be a good idea to play the lead role as well, with as a result that he wrote his own character a bit too serious. He tries too hard to be the cool and cold action guy but can you blame him? Well yes, of course you can but I genuinely do believe that's how most of us would write ourselves as, when we get the opportunity to do a movie. He's also not the worst actor in the movie. What saves the actors is that they are all basically written as a bunch of big stereotypes, which in this case makes them fun to watch, though not all characters work out equally well.

This movie seriously is not half as bad is it might seem to you and it actually is a pretty decent and certainly entertaining one.


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