Apparently this movie is a sequel to one big "Planes" rip-off, so it only makes sense that this movie is a total rip-off of the "Planes" sequel "Planes: Fire & Rescue".

It just seems weird to me that any movie wants to rip-off the "Planes" movies in the first place. They are terribly uncreative and formulaic genre movies to begin with and sadly this movie does also feature all of the elements in that were terrible- and that I hated about "Planes". What's more annoying and unimaginative than a talking animals- or a talking cars movie? Well, a talking planes movie of course! It annoys me because it's a movie that's set in 'our' world, with buildings, farms, lampposts, crates, television programs and sports yet the entire world is inhabited by talking planes with creepy big eyes. So who lives in all of the cities and buildings and who makes all of these television programs? I can suspend my disbelief of course and I have plenty of imagination but this is just nonsensical laziness. This way you can basically put a mouth and a bunch of eyes on any given inanimate object and bring it to life without the need for any real creativity or much effort.

And is there even really a story in this movie? I mean, what's the 'big conflict'? Ace isn't ever very busy trying to redeem himself and the movie has no villains in it or a for instance a love- story. Just some superficial flirting here and there but the love interest is barely in the movie and it never seems to play much of a part in the movie. And seriously, her name is should stay as far away as possible from a 'girl' with a name like that.

I don't even really get why Ace had to drop from the 'Sky Force' in the first place. How was he reckless exactly and how on Earth was he ever responsible for the death of the Colonel? (That's not a spoiler since it's in the synopsis for the movie.) I don't even get how he died, since it isn't even shown in the movie. Or maybe I blinked or sneezed at that moment....It just seems so poorly constructed and handled all. The entire story feels as if it was written within a week and went into production the next day, just in order to be beat "Planes: Fire & Rescue" its release date.

It's also a far from impressive looking animated movie. The entire movie looks like a cut scene from a dated PlayStation 2 game. Not saying that it's an absolutely terrible looking movie but it's a movie without much details or any impressive looking characters or memorable, spectacular, action sequence in it. It was a relatively cheap and simple movie to make, which really shows.

It again amazes me how many big name actors agreed to lend their voices for the characters in this movie. It shows how lucrative it is for actors to do movies like this and further more, it doesn't require any make-up or costumes and they can do the job while sitting at a chair, with a cup of coffee next to them, so it's just really some quick and easy cash for them. I just wish that some actors would have some more dignity and say no to movies that obviously are nothing but terribly unoriginal quick cash grabs for the studios behind it. Yes, I'm talking to you Josh Duhamel, Hilary Duff, Rob Schneider, Jesse McCartney and Tom Skerritt!

Guess that at the same time it's still fair to say that for a 8-year old this movie is still going to be a good and entertaining enough one to watch. Sure, it's simplistic, uncreative and predictable in just about every way imaginable but that's honestly not going to bother any young kids. For them it's just another colorful looking movie with happy characters in it, who occasionally bump into stuff and do some 'funny' dances (because that's what planes do of course). It's also the foremost and perhaps only reason why I'm not going to give this movie an extremely low rating.

Clearly a movie only young kids can still enjoy.


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