This is not a perfect movie but it at least definitely is a watchable one.

It's a movie with some missed opportunities in it but it still is doing lots of things right. Most people will definitely like watching this movie, since there is not an awful lot to hate about it. Especially those who are into Scandinavian dramas and television series will enjoy watching this as well, since it has a typical and distinct Scandinavian tone and atmosphere to it.

It means that it's a more 'quiet' type of movie, that's going for a mostly realistic approach with both its story and characters. It still has plenty of developments in it but everything unravels in a slowly build up way, making things come across more subtle and realistic to watch.

I still really do feel that the movie could have been build up a bit better at times though. There for instance never is any good tension in the movie. This is the type of movie that could have used some more paranoia in it. I actually also genuinely thought that the movie was going for this approach at the start but the movie as a whole is doing far too little with it and as it keeps on progressing it starts to focus on some more formulaic and less effective themes, that just don't add enough to the movie its tension. It's making me reluctant to even call this movie a thriller. It's more of a drama really, with some good characters in it but not always the right sort of emotions and developments in it as well.

Some of the events in the movie happen too sudden and without a good build up to it first. This actually really goes at the expense of the movie its credibility at times, which is a real shame.

And lets just also say that this movie isn't going to open up anybody's eyes or is going to change the world. It's trying to touch upon a sensitive and relevant subject of illegal cartel pricing among construction companies but it's not a movie that provides any new insights or is ever making a firm statement against anything. It's of course not a movie it's job to do but I feel that in this case the movie definitely could and should have been a bit edgier, also in order to make things more engaging and interesting to watch. Not saying that the movie is flat or boring but it's just missing a certain bit of extra to turn this movie into a truly great and entirely effective one.

But really, it's a fine movie to watch, despite never doing anything that special or surprising with its story. It still remains a well told and crafted movie, with also some fine performances in it by its Danish actors.


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