The first Hungarian horror comedy in 3D...what a blast!

I have seen a whole bunch of different horror movies in my lifetime already, including some absolutely horrible ones and let me just tell you that this movie is about as terrible to watch as they can get.

Well, this is a Hungarian production but is there even anything Hungarian about it? I mean, the movie is supposed to be set in Hollywood and all of the characters speak English throughout the entire movie and most of them are also played by English speaking actors. Wish I could say that the movie also had the same quality as an average Hollywood horror production though.

But that really isn't even the biggest problem of the movie. The problem with it really is that the writing is absolutely horrible. The dialog alone should be enough to make you cringe but the main plot that it's following is absolutely ludicrous and nonsensical as well. I really even can't say that this movie is following much of a story, since everything that happens in it feels far too random and unrelated.

The director Balázs Hatvani besides clearly had absolutely no idea how to create any effective horror or comedy for the movie. There is never any good tension or mystery and it has absolutely no scares or any decent gore in it. It tries to be funny mostly with its dialog but as I mentioned earlier already, the dialog is absolutely terrible and actually one of the worst things about the movie. In other words; here we have a horror comedy that's neither scary or funny to watch at all. It's a complete failure, on just about every level.

Don't even get fooled by the impressive looking cast-list. Sure, it has actors names such as Tim Curry, Lance Henriksen, Michael Winslow, Brad Dourif and Sean Young on it but they actually aren't in the movie at all. Well, at least not psychically. They just provided the voices for all of the, supposedly scary, horror characters. You probably won't even recognize most of their voices, so what's the point of it? Well, it looks good on the poster and the DVD cover of course but again, please don't be fooled by it.

This also once again is one of those horror movies that's almost entirely set during the nighttime. In other words, it's a terrible dark movie. Too dark! You can't always tell what's going on and a too dark atmosphere always ruins most of the fun and gore of these sort of movies.

Thing that also confuses me about this movie is that it's supposed to be set in 1983, no doubt meant as a throwback to the good old days of the genre but there is absolutely nothing about this movie that ever indicates that it's set in the '80's. It feels and looks like any other modern genre attempt, only worse...and Hungarian.

Please avoid.


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