Found footage movies of course aren't rare and while Bigfoot movies are kind of rare-ish, it still doesn't sound like anything too appealing or original; a found footage movie based around the Bigfoot mythology. I therefore also do believe that not a whole lot of people are going to have any interest in seeing this movie, which is a real shame, since it's definitely true that this movie is a more effective and memorable one than just the average genre attempt.

After having seen a whole bunch of found footage movies already I feel confident enough to know what works- and what usually doesn't work out for these type of genre movies. Thing that's of course especially 'annoying' about these sort of genre movies is that once you have seen one of them, you basically have seen all of them. There is not an awful lot you can do due to all of the genre its limitations and it's hard to still find and take an original approach to things. And to be fair, it also definitely is true for this movie that it feels like a very formulaic one, that isn't doing much new really but yet it still works out as a good genre movie because it isn't falling for most of the other usual genre trappings, that often turns these type of genre movies into such incredibly formulaic and weak ones to watch.

One of the big reasons why this movie works out so well is because of its two main characters, played by Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson. And yes, maybe it's also true that it's a good thing that there are only 2 characters in this movie. It means that there no needless distractions in it and whenever there are 4 or more characters in these type of movie, you just know in advance that at least 2 of them are going to end up dead at some point. By having only 2 characters it's easier to stay to the point and remain focused. But that's not just the only thing I liked about it. I especially liked how the 2 main characters behaved like normal human beings, who have normal, everyday, conversations and don't just film everything but only what's relevant, which absolutely helps to make the movie a more realistic feeling one. This all is not just thanks to the writing and directing (both by Bobcat Goldthwait) approach of the movie but also because of the acting itself of course, by both Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson, who besides are convincing as a couple as well.

The movie has a good and pleasant build up and flow to it. It isn't wasting any time on throwing in false scares and mystery for the movie, that you know is going absolutely nowhere and in the end isn't going to be relevant to anything at all. No, it's very much to the point and it besides seems to realize that less is often more for these type of movies. After having seen 1327 genre movies (yes, I just made that number up) I can definitely tell you that showing and doing as little as possible is the best and most effective approach for these type of movies to take. It sounds boring perhaps but this approach actually ensures that the horror, mystery and tension within these type of movies work out far more effectively than would be the case for a movie that constantly shows you CGI ghosts and monsters roaming about. Hearing a vague sound in the background and watching the fear on someone's face works out far better on a horror and psychological level.

If I still would have to say something negative about this movie it would be about the extra's used in it. It appears to me that all of the extra's used in this movie are locals, that got pulled in front of the camera by Bobcat Goldthwait. Sometimes using real people can add to the authenticity and realism of a movie but I in this case feel that the bit parts should have been played by some more experienced actors. It just doesn't sounds or looks right when a 'local' is telling about their experiences with- and opinions of the Bigfoot mythology.

The fact that this is 'yet another' found footage movie is no doubt going to harm this movie and will be reason enough for some people to go hating on it but it in all truth and honesty is one of the better and more effective genre movies that is around in my opinion!


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