Stoner-comedies can always go both ways; they either are absolutely hilarious or totally terrible to watch. This one falls into the latter category unfortunately.

Thing that I often like and can appreciate about stoner-comedies is how they are often are so totally random and nonsensical that they actually become funny to watch. This movie is random enough alright, just not crazy enough as well. It may sound strange, since this most definitely is a weird movie to watch but it's just not the right type of weird. It's never entertainingly weird but it just seems like it wants to be as weird and random as possible at times, just for the sake of it, which just doesn't work out too well for this movie. Maybe it still would have been alright if only the story followed a solid enough main story. There actually was somewhat of a story in the first half of it but this soon gets completely abandoned by the movie and it only starts to get more and more worse to watch as it keeps rambling on about dull themes, involving mostly unlikeable characters or characters that we just absolutely know nothing about at all. Seems to me that most of the movie got improvised and a lot of the sequences got made up on the spot with whoever was available to shoot that day.

No need to hold back, this is an absolutely terrible movie. I definitely was glad when the movie finally was over and it's now my duty to prevent you from ever seeing this terrible, cheap looking, random, mess of a movie. And that's coming from a guy who likes most of Snoop Dogg's stoner movies.

Well, maybe this isn't a stoner-movie in the classic sense of the word but it has the same sort of vibe and randomness to it, with all of its odd dream like sequences and characters who randomly pop up out of nowhere, while often being played by some well known actors. Seriously, it's weird to see so many great actors pop up in such a cheap looking and feeling movie. Guess that co-director, writer and main actor Dan Fogler must have a ton of friends in Hollywood.

That's maybe still the worst thing about this movie; it has a very cheap look and feel to it, almost as if it got shot inside of someone's garage at parts, without any proper lighting or sound.

It also doesn't work out as a spiritual journey type of movie, since there just isn't a clear enough 'journey' in this movie. It doesn't feel like the main character is ever going through some interesting transformations and the movie its story never raises any good spiritual questions about life or ever touches upon anything thought-provoking with anything. Most of the time, the movie doesn't even appear to move forward with its story but it continues to sidestep instead, resulting in it that it feels like this movie is mostly about nothing and isn't ever really going anywhere with either its story or characters.

A terrible to watch random mess. Not even recommendable for those why are in the mood for a trippy kind of movie.


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