Post-apocalyptic movies have been popular for as long as I can remember. Action is the best way to go with these type of movies in my opinion, since most of these movies also often work out as great, spectacular, imaginative and fun to watch but then there also are some movies that are going for a more serious and realistic approach, which is fine, as long as you have a story and characters that all work out as engaging, which is something this movie unfortunately didn't seem to realize.

Here is the main problem with it; why should anyone ever have to watch it in the first place? I mean, it's a pretty pointless movie about nothing, without anything interesting going on in it. The characters are all dull and the story is lacking any good developments in it, which goes at the expense of the suspense of the movie and it makes it a pretty boring and pointless one to watch as well. I still don't really know or understand what this movie was trying to do and say with its story. It's not a through-provoking or emotionally involving movie in any way and there basically is zero excitement in it.

Sometimes I just don't understand why some movies were made in the first place. Who greenlit this thing and thought it would make a great and interesting movie? I have seen these type of movies before, in which a bunch of people live underground or at a remote, enclosed, location somewhere after the apocalypse and let me just tell you that these movies absolutely never work out as any good enough ones. There are slow, formulaic and are always lacking a good and interesting enough angle to them. The characters are basically always the same and whenever there is no good action or tension ever now and then, the movie just works out as being a very slow, pointless and boring one to watch, as obviously is being the case for this movie as well.

Don't know why but the actors all still seemed to believe in this project. They all gave their best but I still just couldn't ever care for any of the characters. It's obviously not the actors fault but you should blame the lifeless writing and bland directing, both done by Andrew Hyatt, instead.

It's also still an OK enough looking movie, though the dark atmosphere is probably only going to depress most people. I believe that it's also part of the reason why the movie doesn't ever works out as an engaging one. The constantly dark atmosphere pushes the viewers away rather than that it invites them to get to know all of the characters and start to feel involved with any of them and the main story of the movie.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should ever watch this movie!


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